Bernd RosemeyerHans Stuck

Hans Stuck's part in the Auto Union team's grand prix success over the six years in which they competed is often overlooked. As far as grand prix racing is concerned he may have lacked the ultimate skill of Rosemeyer and Nuvolari, but he was the only driver to stay with the Auto Union team throughout the whole period. (1) He was constantly successful and handled all the models from the tricky swing-axle V16 A-type, to the later De Dion V12s with great ability.

Stuck was born in Warsaw, on the 27th December. There is doubt surrounding the year however, he claims it was 1900, but some claim it to be earlier. This doubt arouse as Stuck is credited as being an artillery officer in the First World War. This seems dubious at the age of 17, but it is not unfeasible.

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12 February, 2001